• Problems we solve

    Our full-stack Software and Systems Engineering skills enable us to tackle virtually any challenge. We’ve helped our clients achieve great results in such areas as:

    • Integration: helping legacy and new systems play nice with each other
    • Data Management: using and building ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) tools to leverage existing data, and to fulfil specific data manipulation needs
    • File Management: manipulating and distributing files, to satisfy particular requirements
    • Workflow and Work Management: ensuring people are working on what matters most
    • Desktop, Web, Mobile and Embedded Apps: tell us about your idea, opportunity or problem, and we will build a holistic solution for you
  • Our products

    We created awesome products for our clients over the years, including:

    • Multi-Purpose File Processor: a Swiss Army knife for many operations involving files on folders
    • Dynamic ETL and Document Generator: a system to collect and store data from multiple sources, and generate documents and extracts based on user-defined field maps and validation rules, with a web client and workflow management
    • Salesforce Deal Management: a new module to track deals, a Kanban board to track tasks (with drag-and-drop to change status), charts for the dashboard, new reports, and interface with Document Management Systems

    And from our long and deep experience helping organisations finding better ways to do better work, we are developing our flagship Enterprise Work Management system, MaestroUX.

    This will help all levels of management to answer million-dollar questions, like: Who’s doing what and when? How busy is this person? Can I accept another piece of work? After all, every team member has the right to be properly led and managed.

  • How we do it

    We practice what we preach, running our projects by applying the optimal mix of methodologies and tools, frequently questioning our approach and experimenting with better ways. In other words, continuous improvement.

    We combine the best of traditional Project Management and modern Agile techniques, supported by streamlined DevOps processes and tools. We apply Business Analysis and UX Design principles, to guide our team during the entire SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). Quality Assurance is present throughout.

    Our team ‘speaks’ most of the programming languages and frameworks used in the industry. In some recent projects we used Ruby on Rails with Angular.js, C#/ASP.NET, Swift, Javascript, C/C++ and Java. We use MS SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSql and other database servers. We analyse each context to define the proper methods and tools to use, always considering the clients’ culture and environment.

    We can work remotely or onsite, according to the characteristics and needs of the project at each stage. Either way, we’ll work tightly integrated as part of our client’s team, nurturing a highly productive environment to achieve the amazing results we will all be proud of.

In order to win results, we must be willing to profoundly transform through technology, for no progress occurs without change in both technology and the way people engage with it.

We’ve built a team of capable and committed individuals to accomplish your mission. Let’s work wonders together.