You and your team will receive:

  • A one-on-one briefing session with a senior Ensemble consultant to understand the context of the Planning and Execution Review
  • A detailed exploration of capability standards, resource management, planning and execution management and planning and scheduling standards, and an increased understanding about how they relate to people, process and technology
  • A set of quick-win recommendations that focuses on the high-leverage interventions within your planning and execution function, to help you both mitigate risk and seize new opportunities
  • A diagnostic report outlining the value to be gained from improvements
  • Identification of longer-range opportunities to build capability and elevate planning and execution

“I think it has been a world-first on the project that in such a complex environment, we have been able—on any given day—to have a real-time understanding of precisely where the overall schedule bottleneck is in terms of the timeline and at the same moment, to know exactly where the resource constraint is, by type and quantity.”
—Executive Sponsor

“Previously, our scheduling had to be redone regularly, with the end-date slipping continuously. Now our resources and tasks are prioritised and confidence in the schedule restored.”
—Project Director

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