You and your team will receive :

  • A pre-workshop one-on-one briefing with Logical Thinking Process expert David Hodes, Founder and CEO of Ensemble Consulting Group.
  • A half-day “Thinking for a Change” team alignment workshop.
  • A clearly defined goal and an A2-sized action roadmap called a ‘goal tree’, a powerful visual tool that will help you communicate the value and reasoning of your team’s thinking.
  • Detailed financial analysis, indicating the business value to be gained from goal achievements in terms of revenue, costs and investment.
  • Articulation of the core dilemma that constrains breakthrough ideas.
  • Exploration of the assumptions that hold you back from redefining possibility.
  • Assurance that you have applied due diligence and rigour to examining the assumptions that underpin your critical decisions.

“The workshop has created a real buzz in the team…there is a real sense that the team is uniting as a large family with the desire to achieve greatness—and Ensemble has played a key part in that.”
—Project Director

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