Standalone workshops

These dynamic, interactive sessions also make great team-building events.

» The Right Stuff
Learn how the Theory of Constraints can increase delivery capability by at least 25%, in this full-day workshop.

» Performance
This half-day version of the ‘Right Stuff’ workshop uses a business simulation game to introduce systems thinking and constraints management.

Service-related workshops

After initial interviews and analysis, these workshops bring your team fully into the conversation.

» Alignment
Using the logical thinking process, we share our initial ‘goal tree’ with your team to co-create a shared vision. The output is articulated in a format you can immediately start to use.

» Confidence
We’ll present our diagnosis of your current ways of working then explore options for improvement together, offering detailed insights you can start acting on.

» Profit
This half-day follow-up to our Financial Constraint Analysis shows you how to apply its insights to increase performance and grow your bottom line.

All our workshops introduce new concepts in systems thinking through play, allowing your people to fail on the practice field when nothing is at stake, so that when they return to the real world they can win the trophy.

Once you understand the science-derived principles behind TOC, you’ll wonder why more organisations don’t already use this practical and proven method.

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