Benefits of a system focus

  • Focus on the work that brings the most value
  • Deliver more of that work with today’s resources
  • Continually raise performance as a learning organisation

Our services

  • Strategic alignment

    Does your leadership team have a single goal? And a strategy for achieving it? Competing interests lead to unintended consequences. We build alignment around what matter most and help you get out of the woods.

    Already have a strategy? We’ll help you focus and visualise the critical success factors that sit behind it. If your strategy is unclear, we’ll work with you to zero in on the goal that will provide the most value—now and in the future.

    You probably already know the big ideas you should be pursuing. But what’s really involved in turning the ship to go after them? We simplify the goal, standardise the processes and follow through with a relentless focus on planning and performing the work. The first step is strategic alignment. Without it, there’s no way to achieve your organisation’s potential.

    To understand what your organisation needs, we undertake ‘generative interviews’ with you and your key players. Our report includes anonymised ‘verbatims’, giving you a true picture of where you stand and what you’ll need to reach your goal. From there, we can build a viable vision together.

    For hands-on understanding, consider our Alignment workshop. Or get in touch for a free consultation.

  • TOC consulting

    The Theory of Constraints offers a revolutionary way to simplify, standardise and focus on what counts. Developed by the late physicist Eli Goldratt, and promoted in his best-selling book The Goal, TOC is the least understood but most effective management method.

    While Lean Production is about removing waste and Six Sigma is about improving quality, TOC focuses on adding value—also called making money. It’s a comprehensive system for production, projects, distribution, critical thinking and management accounting.

    TOC applies real scientific rigour to your assumptions and operating model. If you’re pursuing something that would benefit from simplification, standardisation and focus—and, really, what wouldn’t?—there’s nothing better than TOC as both the underlying operating system and the means to get it done.

    We are Australia’s foremost authority on TOC and have implemented it in many tier-1 organisations, helping them achieve remarkable results. If we did it for them, we can do it for you.

    If you already know you want TOC, we can advise you on projects, production and distribution management as well as how to apply systems thinking. There’s no need to fear the ‘land and expand’ approach of some consultancies. We work in very small teams with the key aim of transferring capability to your team as soon as possible. The first service is usually a Financial Constraint Analysis demonstrating the quantifiable benefits of our approach.

    If you haven’t heard of TOC until now, we can introduce the key principles to you and your team in with our Profit workshop. If you have, what are you waiting for? Get in touch for a free consultation.

  • Independent review

    If you’re managing a large project or program of work and have found deadlines or quality slipping, we can help. We’ll analyse the usability of your work plans and tools, and the effectiveness of your ways of working. Looking through the lenses of culture, language, organisation, resources and operations, we suggest how best to align people, process and technology towards your goal.

    An independent diagnosis that focuses on work management is the first step to bringing things back on track. Only when you understand the root causes of your symptoms can you move to the cure.

    We’ll review your ways of working and reporting, meeting types, cycles and content. We’ll assess the scope of the project and whether it’s aligned to the goals of the business (and how to make it so).

    We offer insight into assumptions about project schedule, major milestones and completion date. We can estimate project costs or whether the planned scope can be delivered to your budget (and what the variance could be). We can also perform a high-level risk review and assess your process for managing project risks.

    Finally, we can review how changes to scope, schedule and cost will be governed and review your approach to organisational change management (OCM), including workforce transition, training and support, and change leadership.

    The output is a report with suggestions for recovery and improvement.

    A good first step is our Confidence workshop. But first, you’ll want to get in touch for a free consultation.

  • Planning, scheduling & process management

    The TOC method includes proven principles for managing how work progresses over time, taking proper account of uncertainty. As well as giving you the instrumentation to manage resources and work schedules accurately, we look at scenario testing, using various simulations and technology to estimate variance and plan accordingly.

    It’s astonishing how many strategic targets get approved by senior executives or boards without a proper understanding of how the work will actually get carried out. If you’re not taking advantage of the highly effective techniques and tools of TOC for work management, you’re almost certainly not fulfilling your organisation’s potential.

    The effective planning and performance of work requires a mix of sound principles and technology. Our goal is to teach your team the method and train them in the tools so you can develop your capability.

    The best way to understand principles is to experience them in a real setting. Our
    Performance workshop
    does just that. To learn more, get in touch for a free consultation.

  • New ways of seeing

    New means require new thinking to equip your people to realise your vision. Every service on this page has an associated workshop. Each one is intended to give you firsthand experience of the revolutionary concepts behind the Theory of Constraints.

    You can’t learn to swim by reading about it or watching a YouTube clip. You have to get in the water. The sooner you do, the quicker you’ll learn.

    Our workshops introduce new concepts in systems thinking through play, allowing your people to fail on the practice field when nothing is at stake, so that when they return to the real world they can win the trophy.

    Our most popular workshop is called The Right Stuff
    —a dynamic and interactive way to learn and practice that doubles as a great team-building event. Get in touch  to learn more about how we can help you lift off.

It all starts with a conversation. Call us now for a free consultation.