Benefits of a system focus

  • Focus on the work that brings the most value
  • Deliver more of that work with today’s resources
  • Continually raise performance as a learning organisation


New products, new technology, new factories, new acquisitions, new markets. Every industry has many ways to grow and get ahead. The one thing all options have in common is the extra work they create.

The Ensemble Way helps you quickly and reliably turn innovation into business as usual—and ‘business as usual’ into ‘business extraordinary’.

Industry applications

  • Aviation

    We work with clients in the aviation industry to improve on-time performance (OTP) and release capacity to fly more sectors. We do this by focusing innovation on the three strategic constraints any airline has: aircraft, airport slots and passengers.

    Engineering Strategy development
    We use the Logical Thinking Process to co-create strategy with the engineering leadership team. It provides a robust means of building alignment around what to change, what to change to, and how to bring that change about. We bring the Ensemble Way systems thinking approach to ensure all aspects of people, process and technology are covered.

     Heavy maintenance
    Bringing the full suite of TOC applications to the planning and performance of heavy maintenance checks. Providing synchronous flow to the sequencing of work packs, provision of parts, acquittal of non-routine work post inspections and cross functional collaboration between technical, engineering support and commercial services.

     Line maintenance
    Introduction of an innovative and counter-intuitive approach to the creation of “maintenance buffers” to mitigate and substantially reduce the likelihood and impact of AOG (aircraft on ground) events.

     Aircraft induction into and retirement from service
    Standardising the project management of the work of introducing new fleets and aircraft into service and retiring those to be sold or returned to lessors

    Supply Chain optimisation
    Using the TOC replenishment solution to square the circle of minimising investment in inventory whilst ensuring the right parts are in the right place at the right time

    Results achieved in the aviation sector include: 

    • 23% increase in production
    • 30% average reduction in turn-time
    • 73% increase in revenue over 2 years

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  • Banking

    We work with clients across the retail, institutional and wealth management sectors to build the strategic competencies required to drive a competitive advantage. Our systems approach allows us to create cost-efficient, modern and dynamic banking enterprises that are built to weather drastic changes in the market—and deliver lasting improvements to the way you manage your business.

    Loan Processing
    From risk assessment to client coverage to product development, expedite the chain of activity to ensure loan processing takes place reliably with ease, speed and efficiency.

    Credit Decisioning
    Devise and institute a streamlined process to manage complexity, minimise wasted time and secure competitive advantage.

    Document Management
    Install an intelligent and responsive system to ensure the ease of storage and retrieval of sensitive documents—with the peace of mind that your information is secure at every stage.

    Sales Process Engineering
    Formulate a comprehensive, end-to-end process for all points of management along the sales pipeline, from planning and prospecting through to execution.

    Multi-Bid Management
    Employ the technology and develop the processes to make best use of scarce resources, maintaining integrity of the Chinese walls.

    Call Centre Optimisation
    Make the most of your resource skill sets to maximise value flow and minimise cost-to-income ratio.

    Product Development
    Simplify and standardise end-to-end methods and processes, so that you and your team develop new products in less time, on time, every time.

    Deal Management Office
    Reduce your turn time to negotiate, engineer and package deals.

    Regulatory Compliance Processes
    Improve the delivery capability of your resources to meet the costly demands of regulatory reform with greater speed and lower cost.

    IT Delivery Services
    Repeatedly and reliably satisfy business partners by delivering requirements in full and on time.

    Our clients in the banking sector have enjoyed

    • 100% improvements in productivity
    • $5 million per month in realised cost savings
    • Reduced analysis time per defect by 90%

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  • Construction

    We collaborate with construction companies to build the core capabilities necessary to deliver large portfolios of complex projects, helping them manage the uncertainty and unexpected twists innate to the industry. We’ll help you build strong, sustainable capability in planning, scheduling and work execution to ensure on-time and on-budget delivery, every time.

    From conceptual design through engineering to shop detailing, interpret your clients’ formal and functional requirements and deliver cost-effective design just in time.

    Supply Chain
    Reduce turn time and work-in-process, minimise costs and improve reliability from end to end.

    Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM)
    Improve coordination, synchronisation and collaboration with owner parties and EPCM to deliver on time, in less time, every time.

    Our clients in the construction sector have enjoyed

    • 50% improvements in productivity
    • On-time completion of major projects—even against the odds
    • Millions of dollars in cost overruns avoided

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  • Engineering

    Manage uncertainty and risk, strengthen project bid costs and service competitiveness, fortify execution capability and improve collaboration between engineering disciplines and joint-venture partners. Our expertise and experience building forward-thinking, innovative capabilities in engineering teams allows us to foster unique approaches to problems and deliver reliable, sustainable results.

    Maintenance Repair Overhaul (MRO)
    Complete maintenance jobs and return to service with minimal interruption, and manage emergent work efficiently and effectively.

    Engineer to Order (ETO)
    Coordinate with and manage vendors and engineer to order with significantly reduced turn time.

    Simplify and standardise end-to-end methods and processes to complete large-scale work with maximum efficiency.

    Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM)
    Improve coordination, synchronisation and collaboration with owner parties and EPCM to deliver on time, in less time, every time.

    Our clients in the engineering sector have enjoyed

    • 33% improvements in productivity
    • Completion of engineering work 3 weeks ahead of schedule
    • $100 million in additional profits

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  • Manufacturing

    Build a reputation for on-time delivery and customer satisfaction while producing higher margins and reducing investment and overhead. We work with manufacturing organisations to implement structures and processes that increase the throughput capacity of your resources so innovation flows faster, from ideation to production.

    Strategic Capacity Analysis
    Determine the constraint, gauge your capacity and make investment decisions with greater confidence and insight.

    Asset Rationalisation
    Combine and manage all available assets to increase capacity, making the most of your time and resources.

    Production Planning and Control
    Shorten lead time, lower your inventory and ensure on-time delivery in full—without exception.

    Product and Customer Profitability
    Evaluate the relative performance and contribution of each of your products and identify your customers’ profitability.

    Make or Buy Decisioning
    Swiftly determine the wisest and most cost-effective choices for maximum profitability.

    Supply Chain Performance
    Improve inbound and outbound logistics to ensure peak performance at each node of the supply chain.

    Our clients in manufacturing have enjoyed:

    • 60% reduction in warranty claims
    • On-time delivery increase from below 60% to over 90%
    • 25% increase in new product launches

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  • Retail

    Boost supply chain agility and reliability, increase speed to market and deliver more throughput from your resources at no additional cost. Our systems approach creates efficient, fluid and dynamic approaches to the way you do business. You’ll learn how to align people, processes and technologies to expedite all processes from design and development to sales and replenishment so you can generate the maximum value.

    Distribution and Replenishment
    Make the most of your available space and turn the highest possible profit from your inventory with thoughtful buffer management.

    New Store Development
    Organise and carry out work efficiently from conception to strategy to grand opening.

    Refresh your fleets responsively and match—and surpass—your competition.

    Cold Chain
    Manage and move inventory with minimal spoilage, and conduct maintenance in real time.

    Product Development and Ranging
    Wisely assess ranges and bring products to market in record time.

    Business Technology Systems
    Quickly implement crucial technologies and promote understanding of their value across your entire team.

    Our clients in retail have enjoyed:

    • 37% improvement in project delivery lead time
    • A doubling in the amount of time used productively
    • Vast improvements in customer satisfaction

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‘But I’m different…’

Don’t see your industry reflected above? Consider this.

The Theory of Constraints has had proven results across industries for over three decades. As an ‘operating system’ for work management it’s agnostic about the kind of work you do. Every organisation needs to manage its scarce resource capacity while optimising resource efficiency.

We’ve helped tier-1 organisations across sectors develop more nimble teams, armed with a shared vision and unique toolset of capabilities that deliver remarkable results. If we did it for them, we can most likely help you, too.

It’s possible TOC has never been applied in your industry. Imagine what a competitive advantage you could gain by being the first.