• Distribution and Replenishment

    Make the most of your available space and turn the highest possible profit from your inventory with thoughtful buffer management.

  • New Store Development

    Organise and carry out work efficiently from conception to strategy to grand opening.

  • Refurbishments

    Refresh your fleets responsively and match—and surpass—your competition.

  • Cold Chain

    Manage and move inventory with minimal spoilage, and conduct maintenance in real time.

  • Product Development and Ranging

    Wisely assess ranges and bring products to market in record time.

  • Business Technology Systems

    Quickly implement crucial technologies and promote understanding of their value across your entire team.

Greater productivity, lasting transformation—
that’s the Ensemble effect.

Our clients in retail have enjoyed

  • 37% improvement in project delivery lead time
  • A doubling in the amount of time used productively
  • Vast improvements in customer satisfaction

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