Our areas of focus:

  • Strategic Capacity Analysis

    Determine the constraint, gauge your capacity and make investment decisions with greater confidence and insight.

  • Asset Rationalisation

    Combine and manage all available assets to increase capacity, making the most of your time and resources.

  • Production Planning and Control

    Shorten lead time, lower your inventory and ensure on-time delivery in full—without exception.

  • Product and Customer Profitability

    Evaluate the relative performance and contribution of each of your products and identify your customers’ profitability.

  • Make or Buy Decisioning

    Swiftly determine the wisest and most cost-effective choices for maximum profitability.

  • Supply Chain Performance

    Improve inbound and outbound logistics to ensure peak performance at each node of the supply chain.

Greater productivity, lasting transformation—
that’s the Ensemble Effect.

Our clients in manufacturing have enjoyed

  • 60% reduction in warranty claims
  • On-time delivery increase from below 60% to over 90%
  • 25% increase in new product launches

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