Our areas of focus:

  • Loan Processing

    From risk assessment to client coverage to product development, expedite the chain of activity to ensure loan processing takes place reliably with ease, speed and efficiency.

  • Credit Decisioning

    Devise and institute a streamlined process to manage complexity, minimise wasted time and secure competitive advantage.

  • Document Management

    Install an intelligent and responsive system to ensure the ease of storage and retrieval of sensitive documents—with the peace of mind that your information is secure at every stage.

  • Sales Process Engineering

    Formulate a comprehensive, end-to-end process for all points of management along the sales pipeline, from planning and prospecting through to execution.

  • Multi-Bid Management

    Employ the technology and develop the processes to make best use of scarce resources, maintaining integrity of the Chinese walls.

  • Call Centre Optimisation

    Make the most of your resource skill sets to maximise value flow and minimise cost-to-income ratio.

  • Product Development

    Simplify and standardise end-to-end methods and processes, so that you and your team develop new products in less time, on time, every time.

  • Deal Management Office

    Reduce your turn time to negotiate, engineer and package deals.

  • Regulatory Compliance Processes

    More easily navigate complex compliance processes with greater speed and lower cost.

  • IT Delivery Services

    Repeatedly and reliably satisfy business partners by delivering requirements in full and on time.

Greater productivity, lasting transformation—
that’s the Ensemble Effect.

Our clients in the banking sector have enjoyed

  • 100% improvements in productivity
  • $5 million per month in realised cost savings
  • Reduced analysis time per defect by 90%

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