Our services

Many clients immediately see the value in the Ensemble Way approach, which brings all the key elements of your organisation together. But knowing what your team should be doing is one thing—doing it is another. So we developed the Value Management Office (VMO).

The VMO is our agile consulting offer, providing executive sponsors a battle-proven, plug-and-play approach to managing delivery. It brings together your program’s stakeholders in an integrated fashion, unlocking the value in the business case in the most cost-effective way.

Our management systems support the planning and performance of work in radically better ways, so you can repeatedly deliver (at least) what you’ve promised given your available resources.

Some projects are ‘burning platforms’: a looming project deadline with a client in disarray. Others are about getting more from ‘business as usual’.

For product or service organisations, we reduce risk on complex projects or increase performance across regular operations. Across contracting strategies—lump sum, ‘time and materials’, or anything in between—we help both parties in the client-vendor dance achieve a genuine alliance.


  • increase throughput by at least 25%
  • achieve profits faster with drastically reduced lead-times
  • make promises on due-date performance with greater confidence
  • enjoy materially greater business results today
  • implement better processes for sustainable results

How we work

Our work is about relentless focus, every step of the way.
We ‘plan the work’, then ‘work the plan’.

We typically deploy on projects in teams of three, with a leader and two specialists. Our approach means we’re nimble and leave a light footprint on your organisation. And our technology lets you instrument and control your value-creation engine to ensure continuously improving productivity.

We can even work remotely from our VMO ‘mission control’, keeping the ship on course from behind the scenes. When you outsource repeatable and scalable work management elements to us, you can let your teams focus on doing only that which only they can do.

Technology focus

We can help you exploit your own systems, integrate with 3rd party solutions or innovate with our own work management tools.