Maximise legacy systems to get the most out of your current investments.

Many companies are attracted by the allure of new technology systems without first understanding whether they are maximising the value derived from their current toolset. We want to help you make the most of legacy systems before turning to new solutions.

Ensemble applies the Theory of Constraints to clients’ existing technology portfolios to determine whether investment in new systems is required. We can assess how your information requirements and desired benefits can be achieved by enhancing your current investment.


Connect all your resources to facilitate workflow.

Ensemble’s technology team can help you to meaningfully connect the various parts of your technology portfolio to create a more productive eco-system.

With a deep appreciation of how systems can be configured to support process optimisation, we also provide the necessary know-how to configure, integrate and align multiple systems.

We’re fluent in many languages, including Ruby, C, C++, C#, Java and JavaScript, and work with a range of frameworks, including Rails, ASP.NET and Angular.js.


Employ the systems developed with Ensemble’s own insights.

Ensemble has created its own tools to solve mission-critical issues and make delivering the business case promise of productivity possible. Our dedicated technology team leverages the insights gained from our consulting practice and develops software products that enable our clients to collaborate meaningfully and productively.

We are the proud authors of MaestroUX, a work integration technology platform that enables users to articulate, issue and manage work in a user-friendly way that fosters clarity, alignment and control. Our other innovations include Dynamic ETL, universal file processors and sales force enhancements.

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