Shut up and listen

Have you ever left a meeting satisfied your opinion was fully understood and accepted, only to discover later that the other person ‘heard’ something completely different? Sometimes it’s deliberate—a lack of transparency or political expediency. More often the problem is an absence of true communication. Unfortunately, most of the time we never get the feedback


Springboard: A Beautiful Constraint

In this series, I share some books that have inspired me recently using the ‘book review’ format as a springboard into a wider conversation about the world of work—and how to do it better. A Beautiful Constraint by Adam Morgan & Mark Barden ____________________________ I’ve been studying constraints and consulting in them for the last


What is the Theory of Constraints?

You’ve probably heard about managing your work using the Pareto Principle, or the ‘80/20 rule’. The idea being that 80% of outcomes derive from 20% of the causes. The causes may be clear in retrospect. But how do you know what to focus on in advance?Organisations are complex and interdependent in nature. What one person


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