The U Journey: Stepping into Design

The ‘Explore’ phase of the U Journey ends when you know where your vision is pointing and you start to consider what means will help you get there. A crucial first step of ‘Design’, the next phase, is the Learning Journey. You’ve finished the Foundation Workshop and there’s a real sense of accomplishment. Order has


The U Journey: Running the Foundation Workshop

This is Part Two of our series on the ‘Explore’ phase of The U Journey to guide an organisation through a transformation. In Part One we looked at how to set up the Foundation Workshop for success. We considered its purpose, where it fits in the overall U Journey and some social processes required to


The U Journey: Preparing for the Foundation Workshop

How do you mobilise a leadership team around a new way of thinking that will take the organisation to its goal? The process is the U Journey and the springboard is the Foundation Workshop. This article within a series on Theory U looks in more detail at what’s involved in the Explore phase. It all


mediumHow to change: Introducing Theory U

Bringing about deep change in an organisation is hard. Legendary management consultant W Edwards Deming claimed that transformation was simply not possible without profound knowledge: appreciation for a system, knowledge of variation, theory of knowledge and the psychology of people society and change. With my engineering background, I appreciate the systems view, understand variation, and


Springboard: One Mission

The latest in our series that uses the ‘book review’ format as a springboard into a wider conversation about the world of work—and how to do it better. One Mission by Chris Fussell ____________________________ It’s become fashionable to rail against hierarchy and to assume that people, once energised by their mission, can organise themselves into


A hierarchy required by nature

When I was in Year 3, I won a book prize for topping my class. The book, called How Things Work, had pictures of steam engines, telephone exchanges and aeroplanes; motor cars, power stations and printing presses. It fired my imagination and curiosity for how things work, which has never diminished. Technical systems, like the


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