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How do you know you’re doing the right projects? And doing them right?

Are you focusing your limited maintenance resources on minimising production losses?

Do you know your production bottleneck and can everyone rally in support?

Do your systems control how contractors best perform their work? Or do they control you?

Be the dynamo who safeguards today’s results while realising tomorrow’s vision

Noel Pillay

Vice President Operations

South32 Worsley Alumina

“Thanks to the ongoing efforts of our shuts team, exploiting the capability transferred by Ensemble, we have learned how to use TOC to continuously find new and better ways to reduce costs and minimise volume losses from our major shuts.”

Tully Cashman

Cargill, APAC Manager

Organisational Development

“David’s energizing and practical application of experiential learning to simplifying the complex concepts of systems thinking has proved invaluable.”

Erwin Schaufler

General Manager Refinery

South32 Worsley Alumina

“Ensemble’s constraint-based approach to the planning and performance of work, combined with the technology they have introduced, have given us the potential to save millions of dollars on labour costs while simultaneously enhancing production outcomes.”

Simon Linaker

Improvement Manager

Bruce Rock Engineering

“We’ve been able to generate some really fundamental differences here in the business. David’s been instrumental in building the discipline we needed.”

Vice-President, Projects

“The lasting legacy of our work with Ensemble is the nucleus of a project group that continues to outperform market benchmarks and expectations. More than colleagues, we’re a network of mates who have shared the experience of a lifetime.”

Vice-President, Projects

“Ensemble’s thought leadership, persistence in challenging our existing norms, enduring energy and skilful communication allowed our project teams to break down the existing silos and co-create a better workplace. Our company is now high-performing, trusting and aligned, and all of our team members have grown, both together and as individuals.”

What we do

We bring the power of Operations Constraint Management to your organisation.Watch Video


Project Planning & Execution
Production Optimisation
Maintenance Management
Contractor Controls

Project Planning & Execution

More projects on time, in less time every time

Select, prioritise and adeptly manage portfolios, programs and projects.
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Production Optimisation

Confidently hit your numbers

Safely, reliably and cost-effectively increase throughput.
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Maintenance Management

Reliably minimise production losses

Optimise productivity of heavy and routine maintenance.
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Contractor Controls

Create win-win relationships

Effectively manage third-
party work, capacity and
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A faster way to
better business outcomes

Our 60-day plan gives you optimum bang for your buck


Start discovery sessions

By interviewing the key players, we explore your context and drivers of success.


Get a constraint analysis

We articulate systemic causes of underperformance and identify your areas of greatest potential.


Engineer new possibilities

Workshops align the team around a new way of working, to turbocharge execution.


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We help ambitious executives in industrial environments
systemically improve production, now and in the future.